Personalized yet off the shelf Immunophage cocktails

Sensei has built a pioneering vaccine platform named ImmunoPhage™, dedicated to training the immune system to react to specific antigens and deliver a strong, coordinated immune response. We engineer non-infectious lambda bacteriophage viruses to display target antigens on the capsid surface. This approach simulates the equivalent of a natural viral infection, resulting in strong immune responses via innate immune activation and downstream adaptive immunity (e.g. B cells, antibodies, and T cells).

ImmunoPhage™ possesses a number of key features that differentiates itself from other platforms in the fields of infectious disease and oncology vaccine development.


Vaccine editing
“on the fly”

Antigen selection is optimized throughout clinical development using a dynamic cocktail approach to enhance safety, efficacy, or limit specific liabilities (e.g., antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).


Large payload capacity

The phage can accommodate multiple proteins and domains. Each phage has approximately 20-30kb payload capacity and we can blend multiple phage per cocktail for virtually unlimited capacity.


and tolerable

Proven in Phase 1 and 2
clinical trials.


immune response

Self-adjuvanted through intrinsic PAMPs (pathogen-associated molecular patterns) including phage-encoded CpG motifs and icosahedral geometry; Intrinsic APC-targeting. B- and T-cell activation.


Cost effective, fast and scalable manufacturingin-house

Manufacturing at small 10L scale in a simple e. Coli based production system yields 5,000-10,000 doses. From gene to GMP product in 9-12 weeks. Easy tech transfer and scale up to commercial volumes.



Can be easily applied to multiple oncology indications and infectious diseases.

Personalized vaccine cocktails with off-the-shelf Immunophage™phage “ingredients”

The high speed and low cost-of-goods of Sensei’s Immunophage™ platform enable our unique approach to personalized immune-therapy. Most cancers overexpress a variety of tumor-associated antigens (TAAs), that are shared by many patients across a variety of tumor types. Sensei is developing a library of pre-made, clinical-grade bacteriophage vaccines, covering this shared cancer-antigen landscape. We envision a future clinical paradigm, where a tumor is biopsied, diagnosed and analyzed for expression of hundreds of potential TAAs. Based on that profile, Sensei Biotherapeutics mixes an Immunophage™ cocktail, customized to the patient, to be delivered within weeks of diagnosis. We believe that Sensei’s ability to quickly deliver a customized and potent, multi-antigen bacteriophage-based vaccine cocktail strongly differentiates our platform from our competitors and will likely significantly enhance immunotherapeutic solutions for patients.

ImmunoPhage™, Powered by Nanobodies

Sensei’s next generation of vaccines are supercharged by features that enable direct targeting to – and selective activation of – “professional” antigen presenting cells (APCs) and modulation of the tumor microenvironment. The key features are comprised of alpaca-derived nanobodies, which have several superior properties compared to standard full-length human antibodies. In acquiring Alvaxa Biosciences, Sensei has direct access to expertise in nanobody generation, screening and optimization to facilitate the generation of supercharged phage-based vaccines and standalone nanobody-based immunotherapy assets.

Nanobodies are small molecular weight antigen-binding domains (VHHs) with the potential for very high-affinity binding, and demonstrate robust “drug-like” characteristics such as stability, manufacturability, and high sequence homology to human IgGs that may obviate need for humanization. The nanobody capabilities acquired from Alvaxa Biosciences have already been leveraged against 6 key immuno-modulatory targets to kickstart our pipeline of supercharged phage-based vaccines. Standalone nanobody programs are also in development against ASPH Domain 3.