To save lives through rigorous science, data-driven decision making, and innovative medicines.


We are developing a pipeline of medicines designed to fulfill the substantial potential of the immune system to defeat cancer and other diseases. Our research is focused on two immuno-oncology platforms – our Tumor Microenvironment Antibody biologics or TMAb platform, which is comprised of human monoclonal antibodies and alpaca-derived nanobodies selectively active in the tumor microenvironment, and – our ImmunoPhage™ platform and Phortress™ library, a powerful, self-adjuvanted and highly differentiated immunotherapy approach that is designed to utilize bacteriophage to induce a robust, focused and coordinated innate and adaptive immune response.

Located in Boston, Massachusetts and Rockville, Maryland, we have state-of-the-art laboratories for discovery, development, and manufacturing of biological products, as well as clinical testing.