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Sensei Biotherapeutics is developing a pipeline of medicines designed to fulfill the substantial potential of the immune system to defeat cancer.

Driven by world class scientists and an entrepreneurial culture focused on rigorous science, innovative treatments, and data-driven decision making, we discover and develop medicines that have the potential to alter the treatment landscape and contribute value to patients and society. We are utilizing two drug discovery approaches. The first approach is our TMAb™️ (Tumor Microenvironment Activated biologics) platform comprised of human monoclonal antibodies and alpaca-derived nanobodies that are selectively active in the tumor microenvironment. Our lead program is targeting VISTA, a promising immune checkpoint inhibitor expressed on myeloid cells. Emerging nonclinical evidence has demonstrated that interaction of VISTA with its receptor (PSGL-1) is significantly enhanced by the acidic tumor microenvironment – a important differentiator of our research. We’re focused on unlocking the potential of VISTA with a human antibody and designed SNS-101 that selectively binds VISTA at low pH to activate T-cells and avoids on-target/off-tumor side effects, in preclinical studies.

The second approach is our ImmunoPhage™️ platform, that generates powerful, self-adjuvanted, and specific immune responses.


Driven by world class scientists and an entrepreneurial culture, we have brought together leaders with deep expertise in the core disciplines of biology, immunology, and oncology along with a highly accomplished team of life science business leaders.

Robert Pierce, M.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

John K. Celebi, MBA

President and CEO

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