We have manufactured SNS-301 bulk drug substance for clinical trials, as well as our current PhortressTM library, at our own manufacturing facility. We are in the process of establishing a new manufacturing facility, where we anticipate having a 10L bioreactor capability, which will allow us to produce a quantity of drug substance equivalent to 5,000 to 10,000 doses under cGMP conditions. We believe that having control over the manufacturing process allows us to reduce cycle times, increase the robustness and consistency of the process and potentially reduce cost of goods for commercial production. We expect that having a dedicated manufacturing facility will allow us to optimize commercial-scale processes and to develop a suitable workforce capable of supporting market launch. As we advance into later-stage clinical trials and additional indications, we intend to expand our current manufacturing capabilities to support larger scale clinical trials and the potential commercialization of our product candidates.
We may also rely on contract manufacturing organizations, or CMOs, to produce our product candidates for clinical use. We require that our CMOs produce bulk drug substances and finished drug products in accordance with cGMP, and all other applicable laws and regulations. Although we have established our own manufacturing facility, we may rely on CMOs for parts of the process, like filling and labelling of our products for commercial sale. Any agreements with potential and existing manufacturers will include confidentiality and intellectual property provisions to protect our proprietary rights related to our product candidates.